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Project Management

The Helix Methodology:  Driving Operational Expertise and Efficiency

Ocean Blue Medical Research Center lab has invested years and resources into developing an operational paradigm, The Helix Methodology.  The Helix Methodology ensures that operational processes are rooted in the Lean Six Sigma discipline and are coupled with the complete integration of our Medical and Scientific Affairs Department into all project management processes.  In short, as our client, you can be assured that your drug development program is managed efficiently and effectively while maintaining the clinical and medical integrity required for your program success.

  • By following the discipline of Lean Six Sigma, we improve  the quality and minimize variation in operational outputs while ensuring every step in value added
  • The WCT Project Management philosophy is one of continued measurement of metrics and formalized risk identification allowing for ongoing evaluation and subsequent process improvement
  • Each program undertaken by Ocean Blue Medical Research Lab Project Management is supported by a Six Sigma Certified Advisor and a Therapeutic Advisor.  This leadership combination functions to drive project efficiency while ensuring that there is ongoing project team training, support and review of clinical data from the medical and scientific perspective
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