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Medical Monitoring

Combining Experience and Methodology for Optimum Trial Management.

Our Medical Monitoring staff, all Physicians (MDs) averaging 8.2 years of experience are above all else, clinical trial methodologists - this reflects Ocean Blue Medical Research Center' unique talent and burgeoning reputation as problem solvers.  The team both operates under and shares the vision articulated by our Chief Medical and Scientific Officer - that almost every clinical trial, regardless of therapeutic focus faces a litany of "unique" challenges - the best medical leadership is that which is borne from the knowledge that most of the "unique" challenges are actually not unique at all - this perspective comes only from significant experience medically managing trials in many different therapeutic areas.

Armed with this philosophy, each Ocean Blue Medical Research Center Medical Monitor assumes medical leadership of the projects to which they are assigned (based on a variety of factors including the clinical training and practice expertise related to the therapeutic area focus of the planned study) and applies their consistently significant expertise as a trialist to optimize the functioning, knowledge and purpose of the operations team.  Our Medical Monitors:

  • Provide clinical development plans and protocol design input
  • Train Ocean Blue Medical Research Center staff and investigators
  • Serve as medical directors to sponsors without medical staff
  • Medically review all study team deliverables  such as final narratives or clinical study reports
  • Support the sites participating in the protocols to which they provide medical leadership by addressing investigator questions regarding appropriate interpretation/application of the study protocol and advising regarding appropriate medical management of subject emergencies.

Although the Medical Monitoring team are truly clinical trial methodologists,  which allows our project teams to execute projects with superior precision in almost every therapeutic area,  we are proud to offer clients the additional reassurance and targeted expertise of Medical Monitors with triple board certification credentials across specific therapeutic areas to bolster Ocean Blue Medical Research Center' differentiating presence amongst its esteemed competitors, specifically in Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular, Oncology, Chronic Inflammatory and Respiratory diseases.  

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