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Phase I/IIA

Early phase clinical research is the heart of our business. That's what we do the best. It's a matter of having an exceptional array of resources lined up and ready to go:

  • Experienced scientists
  • Physicians and clinical teams
  • Outstanding facilities for participants
  • Recruiters experienced with both healthy participants and special patient populations.

Our clinical research services commitment to your success means we've developed a team of dedicated individuals with significant experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas and kept their skills up-to-date with a program of ongoing training and continuing education. Our high retention rate of key employees has allowed us to cultivate exceptionally strong teamwork over the years, providing consistency and continuity that benefit you and your studies.

At Ocean Blue Medical Research Center we provide complete services relating to early-phase drug development.

Our clinical expertise ranges from assistance with initial study design all the way to preparation and submission of final reports.

It's a matter of putting together all the studies needed to deliver results as quickly as possible, across multiple therapeutic areas, while always ensuring the safety of our participants:

  • First-in-Human: Single and multiple ascending dose in healthy participants or patients
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • Interaction: Drug-drug, drug-food and alcohol interaction
  • Bioavailability: Absolute bioavailability, bio-equivalence
  • Pharmacokinetic (PK): Dose proportionality, age/gender, renal or hepatic-impaired
  • Pharmacodynamics (PD): Objective or subjective measures performed in-house or with patient diaries
  • Thorough QT

Finally, it's a matter of delivering up to, or exceeding our clients' high expectations: on time, accurately, safely, with no surprises. That's what we do and it's why our clients have made us the industry's leading early phase clinical CRO.

Whether you're a large pharmaceutical company, a small to mid-size biopharmaceutical company or a maker of generic pharmaceuticals, we have what it takes to speed your go/no go decisions so you can move quickly to your next success. Contact us today and tell us about the early phase clinical challenges you're facing.

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